Operations Planning for
CY 2024

AGIA President Dinah E. Pichay set the tone for the 3-day activities by initially presenting the AGIA Strategy Map which has a time horizon of 4 years (2022-2025), and which was last updated during the strategic planning conducted in CY 2022 under the term of then President Marissa N. Fabricante.  The 2023 AGIA Performance Scorecard was likewise presented to give each Board Committee the baseline data upon which targets for the year will be based. 

Recognizing the importance of outlining the key goals and determining how to achieve them, the new AGIA Board conducted an operations planning on February 9-11, 2024 at the Seda Vertis North Hotel.

In breakout sessions,

the different Board Committees conducted their respective risk assessment to determine risk exposures that may impact on the achievement of objectives. The risk assessment and evaluation session was followed by the review/updating of the Committee scorecards, which included the identification of CY 2024 priority programs/projects, performance indicators, targets and estimated budgetary requirements. Outputs of the different Committees were presented to the BOD for review, consolidation, and prioritization.

Pres. Pichay likewise presented her priorities for her 2-year term which include the following:
(a) construction of the first two floors of AGIA Building;
(b) adoption of a ladderized training program for internal auditors, including introduction of new short courses on IA;
(c) expansion of the pool of resource speakers;
(d) implementation of programs and adoption of strategies to increase membership;
(e) upgrading of information and communications channels;
(f) institutionalization of administrative processes; and,
(g) strengthening collaboration with partners and stakeholders.

AGIA boat will go forward if everyone will be rowing in the same direction with one common goal.


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