Dir. Rodelene P Tan


1448 F. Agoncillo St Paco, Manila
23 December 2022

CHILD Haus or “CENTER FOR HEALTH IMPROVEMENT AND LIFE DEVELOPMENT” is a temporary shelter for indigent patients from different provinces who have cancer or other dreaded diseases and have no place to stay in Metro Manila while undergoing medical evaluation or treatment.

It provides free room and board to its residents. CHILD Haus is run along the principles of hospice care and promotes the concept of holistic healing through its various programs, services, and activities.” It has now grown from its humble beginnings in its very first center located in Quezon City. Its center, which is the first home for children with cancer is now a seven-story multi-purpose complex located on Agoncillo Street in Paco, Manila. Through the initiatives of the Philanthropist Ricky Reyes, the CHILD Haus was able to extend a helping and healing hand together with SM Holdings Inc, President Hans Sy, and the never-ending kindness and generosity of various donors and benefactors.

On 23 December 2022, the Association of Government Internal Auditors, Inc (AGIA) spearheaded by Marissa N. Fabricante, President visited the CHILD Haus (Paco, Manila).

The AGIA Board of Directors and Secretariat interacted with the children through Baking Livelihood Program. Like any creative pursuit, baking is a form of self-expression that helps relieve stress – pouring a little bit of passion, creativity, and love into it.

The Corporate Social Responsibility Chairman (CSR), Dr Rodelene P Tan said that “BAKING BRINGS PEOPLE TOGETHER”. Baking can be a way to feed both those you love and strangers you will never meet – It creates a certain kind of happiness that were grateful for.

The CSR Vice Chairman, Atty Irene DT Alogoc personally taught all the cancer patients from ages 3 to 62 years old on baking specifically pizza. We know that before you can chase your baking dreams, it’s a good idea to take time to master essential skills such as: 1) Organization – Baking is a juggling act; 2) Attention to detail – Accuracy is important when it comes to baking; 3)Co-ordination – If hand-eye coordination does not come naturally to you, you can learn with practice; 4) Patience; and 5) Creativity.

Thank you to the management of Child Haus, especially to Ms. Daydee Castillo for the assistance! Director Alogoc promises to be back next year to continue to teach “Baking”.

Hope that everybody will enjoy the most important celebration of the year, the birth of our Lord God and Savior, JESUS CHRIST!!! Merry CHRISTmas to all and have a blessed New Year 2023.


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