Training and Development

The Association of Government Internal Auditors, Inc. (AGIA) provides learning and development opportunities through its partnerships with reliable pool of Resource Speakers who are experts in different fields as well as external institutions of related practices. Amidst challenges and increasing demand for technical competence, the need for professionals trained to undertake internal audit/internal control related functions also arises.

The Training and Development Committee (TDC) as the training arm of AGIA and primary responsible in supporting the public sector offices in ensuring that practices, methods and procedures are improved and updated through continuing education and conducted in conformity with the standards of internal audit profession. It continuously enhances and promote initiatives and interventions to ensure that practitioners of internal audit/control related functions will be able to demonstrate sufficient expertise for more effective performance.

AGIA-TDC showcases a competency framework in managing the programs or series of trainings. It will outline what participants such as internal auditors and other internal control practitioners need to be more effective in their roles and in alignment with their organizational goals and success.

AGIA-TDC offers virtual/webinar, face to face, hybrid, mobile and in-house trainings to the public sectors.