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By  Dir. Edgar P. Nigos

As the saying goes, “all’s well that ends well,” and it talks about an activity, event, or something that had transpired and brought smiles and well wishes if not tremendous happiness to those who were involved in it – but of course, after hurdling some form of challenges and sacrifices during the 1st semester such as the strings of board and committee meetings as well as in undertaking said programs and activities that were, at this point, either completed and/or still ongoing; and also in preparing their respective periodic committee reports, with all of these labor due to their sworn oath of commitment, service excellence, resilience and teamwork as true-blue AGIANs. Having said this, from July 15 to 17, 2022, the AGIA BODs and the Secretariat held their mid-year assessment face to face and with complete attendance in Mandurriao, Iloilo City, specifically, at the Diversion 21 Hotel.

The mid-year assessment meeting proper which started on Friday at around 11 am went on smoothly after the roll call and the opening program were conducted. The AGIA President, Dir Marissa Fabricante delivered her welcome remarks with emphasis on the objectives of the activity and the reaffirmation of the commitments of all the members of the board of directors and the secretariat to the AGIA charter statements and the strategy map.

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After which, all the eleven (11) different committees presented their respective scorecards and operations plans one after the other to include their catch-up plans and additional activities in support of their previous strategic plans. The meeting ended at around4 pm and this was followed by photoshoots and afternoon snacks. Also, there was a scheduled fellowship for all the attendees to include the members of the AGIA secretariat in the evening that started at around8 pm. 

The weekend that followed such as the Saturday brought the members of the BOD to the province of Guimaras with its beautiful beaches and island tours, the towering turbines that provide power supplies to Panay island, the world-famous and simply one of the best mangoes in the Philippines, and its various century-old churches. The group went back to the hotel early evening and all were tired from the said memorable trip. The Sunday was not spared from the constantly moving AGIA BODs since the majority of its members left very early morning from their hotel rooms to proceed to the Garin Farm Pilgrimage Resort. Everybody was awe-struck by all the said resort can offer especially its first-timer guests and visitors who were Catholics. It was indeed a very fulfilling and amazing visit and experience and the place was very ideal for family or group holy week pilgrimages with its featured but very challenging trek of 480 steps to reach the summit and where the Divine Mercy was located. The group returned to the hotel with still enough time to rest before they finally checked out by noon.

All the BODs except for a few left for the Iloilo International Airport which was about 40-minute drive to be able to catch their flight at 3:20 pm and had their luggage checked in and subsequently proceeded to the airport VIP lounge courtesy of the Director Tacuboy from CAAP. After an hour and 20 minutes trip, the BODs and their families arrived at terminal 2 of NAIA and went their separate ways going home. The entire activity was indeed successful and went on as planned and envisioned.


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