AGIA Joins the Internal Auditing Community in the Celebration of the International Internal Audit Awareness Month

The International Internal Audit (IA) Awareness Month started in the 1990s to create awareness about the value of internal auditing processes to an organization.  For its part, AGIA continues to create awareness via sessions like Internal Auditing Hour to incoming college students as part of its CSR activities. 



This campaign is aimed at letting more people learn about the profession and its significance to the organization, and eventually increase interest for IA as a career opportunity.

Beyond this event, AGIA commits to provide trainings, forum, summits, conventions and other events to promote and advocate IA in the Philippines.

Collaborations with other institutions and IA organizations, both domestic and international, enable AGIA to deliver its mandate of providing its members with updates and the latest trends in the IA practice.


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